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All of us want to know that, come what may, there’s enough money to more than cope with the situation we find ourselves in…

And that’s what we help you do.


mortgage advice

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The largest purchase you’ll ever make…

Mortgages are important, they’re very personal and they change people’s lives. Most of us have to have one, and it’s often our biggest expense.

business owners


As a business owner the advice is always to spend less time working in the business and more time working on it. It’s good advice, but the truth is that you also need to be working around it too, thinking about the what-ifs that can happen to a business, and planning for its future.

investor direct

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An increasing number of people are happy to make their own investment decisions without the need for financial advice. Typically this type of investor requires access to an online trading facility where they can buy, sell and monitor their investments with investment costs kept to a minimum.


Trust and integrity are the foundations that underpin our business. At Sovereign Independent Financial Advisers, we help clients to make some of the most important decisions they’ll ever make, and trust is at the heart of each of those decisions.

Trust that the financial and mortgage advice we’ve given is the best available, trust in our integrity as a company, trust that we’ll do everything we’ve promised, and trust that we’ll continue to look after our clients’ interests in the future…and that’s what we give – it’s why clients recommend us and keep coming back.

Our clients’ know we can be trusted to give the very best independent advice, great value for money and a personal service second to none. We can do the same for you…

If you have concerns about your financial future, about the way your finances or investments and pensions are shaping up, or if you are looking for mortgage advice, then why not call us?

You can reach us on 01454 416653, or use the contact form and we’ll get back to you. We are based in Thornbury, Bristol and give financial advice and mortgage advice.


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