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Learn more about Sovereign

Find out more about the Sovereign team, our approach, services and ethos, as well as why you should choose us for your financial planning needs.

Find out more about our Chartered status

When you work with a Chartered firm, you can be sure that you’re working with a team that is ethical, knowledgeable and professional. We put the interests of our clients first.

How we help those approaching retirement

For those approaching retirement, we help you solve your current financial challenges whilst planning for the attainment of your desired future lifestyle.

How we help business owners

For business owners, we focus on connecting your personal objectives with those of your company. We then create a financial plan that puts you on the right track for success.

How we help senior executives

For senior executives, we focus on solving the problems that higher-level earnings create. We incorporate this into a financial plan that takes a holistic approach to work and life.

How we help professional advisers

For accountants, solicitors and other professional advisers, we provide valuable financial insight that will achieve harmonious results for both your business and your clients.

What do our clients have to say?