Second Opinion Service™

Many things affect the value of your investments. There are two things which are easy to control though:

  • The way you’re invested, and consequently the returns you receive
  • The amount you’re charged

We work with hundreds of clients and know too many investors, including those already taking financial advice, are getting below-average returns or paying excessive charges.

We’re on a mission to solve those problems. That’s why we’ve launched our Second Opinion Service™.

Have you ever thought?

“I don’t know how much I am paying in charges to my investment manager or financial adviser.”

“My investments seem to be losing money.”

“Am I’m taking too much risk with my investments?”

“I just don’t have the confidence that my money is being invested wisely.”

“I don’t understand how my money is invested.”

Then, our Second Opinion Service™ is for you.

How it works

We’ll start by analysing your existing pensions and investments to understand how they are performing and what you’re being charged.

Next, we’ll explain everything we’ve found out, so you better understand your investments, how they are performing and what you’re being charged.

We’ll then provide you with a report to give you:

  • A better understanding about how your investments are performing and what you’re charged
  • A comparison to show whether you are being charged too much and how the performance of your investments compares to the average
  • Alternative options which may reduce the charges you pay and, therefore, increase returns

Every journey, no matter how long, starts with a single step. So, to find out more about our Second Opinion Service™ complete the form below and we’ll get in touch.

Learn more about out Second Opinion Service™.

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