Organising your affairs: In case of emergency document

It can be easy to misplace important documents or information. Juggling saving accounts, pensions, and more can make it difficult to keep track of where everything is. This document is designed to help you organise your affairs and have all the details in a single place when you need them.

Organising your affairs can seem like a chore, but taking this step now can make tasks much easier in the future. It’s also a useful exercise to gain a complete picture of your life and assets.

As well as helping you, this document can prove valuable to family and friends. If there’s an emergency, they won’t need to search through your paperwork to find the information they need. When you pass away, it can ensure your wishes are followed and relieve some of the pressure loved ones may feel while they’re grieving.

This document can help you keep on top of everything, and can give you confidence that everything you or your family need is in a single place.

Download your “In case of emergency document” to organise your affairs.

If you have any questions about your assets or how to fill in the document, please contact us.

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