10 life milestones that financial advice could help you navigate

Financial advice can be valuable throughout your life, and it could improve your finances and your overall wellbeing. However, it might be particularly useful during milestone events where the decisions you make could affect your long-term finances.

While they can be exciting, milestones can also present challenges and could mean your financial circumstances will be very different in the future. This e-zine looks at some of the obstacles or key decisions you may face during your life, and what steps you could take to improve your financial confidence.

The 10 life milestones covered in this e-zine are:

  1. You’ve secured a promotion or a new job
  2. You want to prepare for unexpected shocks
  3. You’re getting married or expecting a child
  4. You’re going through a divorce
  5. You’ve received a lump sum
  6. You’re preparing to sell your business
  7. You want to understand how to secure the retirement you want
  8. You’re nearing your retirement date
  9. You want to lend financial support to loved ones
  10. You’re thinking about your estate plan

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