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Equity release advice

If you are over 55 and own your home, you may be able to use equity release to generate tax-free capital.

There are many reasons why people choose to release equity from their home:

  • You might wish to pay off loans or debts
  • You might not want to move and would instead like some extra capital to make home improvements
  • You might want more capital available to help your family, whether that’s through financial gifts or helping children or grandchildren get onto the property ladder
  • You might wish to supplement your income should you not have sufficient funds to live your desired retirement lifestyle
  • You might want to generate more income to put towards life’s luxuries, for example a new car or the cost of holidays

Equity release can help you enjoy a more fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. However, there are potential consequences to consider.

Releasing equity sooner rather than later will mean that you won’t be able to rely on the equity in your property later in life, for example should the cost of long-term care become a concern. It will also reduce the value of your estate and the inheritance you are able to pass on to your family after your death.

It is therefore important, if you are considering releasing equity from your home, to seek the help of a professional and experienced adviser.

Here’s what we do:

  • We determine whether equity release is the right choice for you. We will give you clear, realistic advice about what will best suit your circumstances, highlighting the risks and costs involved
  • If you do decide equity release is the best option, we help you establish whether it should take the form of a lump sum or regular income instalments
  • We also establish whether a lifetime mortgage or a home reversion plan is the best choice for you
  • We thoroughly explain the implications for your family after your death
  • If equity release is not the best option for you, we will help you find alternative solutions

Working with us will give you the confidence to make an informed decision as you explore the possibility of equity release. With our help, you can rest assured you’re making the most of your capital during retirement and remain on track to achieving your most essential aspirations.

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