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Investing in the future

We believe in the power of investing in the future, offering employment opportunities to young people and supporting them as they work towards their financial services qualifications.

In February 2018 we were delighted to welcome Oliver Murray-Brown as a trainee Client Administrator.

Having completed his A Levels at Bristol Grammar School, Oli’s ambition was to become an Independent Financial Adviser. Despite being told he needed experience or a degree, he was extremely proactive in getting his name out into the industry; making contacts and reaching out to local firms, even if it meant he could only find an unpaid placement.

We were recruiting at the time and were impressed by Oli’s enthusiasm. He is bright, has very clear ambitions and understands the value of starting at ‘the bottom’ to gain essential experience.

The Sovereign team will be supporting Oli as he trains to become a Client Administrator and simultaneously studies for the required industry qualifications. If you ring or visit the office over the coming months, Oli will very likely be greeting you!

We can’t wait to watch him progress in his career and hope to continue to help young people like Oli as they enter the world of financial services.

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