We ran a survey… some results were surprising!

At the end of 2018, we ran a short survey to better understand the opinions of you, our valued clients. To say we are delighted with the results is an understatement! Firstly, a sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.

We asked some pretty big questions, ensured they weren’t at all leading, and received some honest replies. So, what happened? Here are the highlights:

  • Straight off the bat, we asked: “Do you believe working with us has helped, or will help, you achieve your financial goals?” – A resounding 100% said yes! That’s exactly why we do what we do.
  • Next was: “Would you recommend Sovereign to other people, for example, family, friends or work colleagues?” – Not a single person said no, 4% said they’d rather not answer, but we’re thrilled that 96% of participants would recommend us to loved ones and peers.
  • We then asked: “If yes, have you ever recommended Sovereign to other people?”

This is where the results took a little turn.

A hugely flattering 96% of you said you’d recommend us, but just a third of participants had in the previous 12 months.

Of course, we’re not expecting you to go shouting ‘SOVEREIGN’ from the rooftops! But we would very much appreciate it if when chatting to a family member, friend or colleague and you think they might benefit from a conversation with us, you jot down our phone number or show them our website.

Why are we asking?

You’ve probably noticed, we don’t do cringey ‘adverts’. We send these (hopefully informative!) blogs every month, have lots of free resources on our website like Guides and Videos, and do our bit in the community.

Sovereign is primarily built on word of mouth. If we didn’t deliver, we wouldn’t be the business we are today. If you’d like to point a friend, family or colleague our way, we have unparalleled experience working with:

  • People approaching retirement
  • Senior executives and management
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

It’s really important to stress that organically growing the number of people we help make better financial decisions, will not affect the service we deliver. We are the same people, with the same ethos, integrity and attention to detail. Operationally, we manage the number of clients we work with very carefully.

A little reminder, why Sovereign?

We understand that choosing a financial professional is a big decision. That’s why we ask that you take the time to get to know us before you get in touch. You hopefully know first-hand from experience, but to sum it up:

We are proud to be both Chartered and Independent.

  • Chartered status is the ‘gold standard’ in financial planning. By working with a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible advice, service and support
  • Being Independent, we are able to offer bespoke recommendations from the entire market. This means that we have no obligations to any one provider of products. Instead, we work for you

For those of you who don’t already know us, a client’s testimonial can speak volumes. We’ve got lots of unbiased comments on our website, but here’s just one:

“Sovereign provide financial advice in a very different way to any other adviser I’ve experienced. Their total focus is about ‘the vision’ (not just mine, but my husband’s too) and absolutely not about policies. They have taken time to understand what we want to achieve and have provided observations, ideas and advice that have really focused our attention on how we can reach the end goal. Thanks to Sovereign, we have a clear view of what’s possible and what we need to do. We know they’ll be supporting us every step of the way.” – Lorraine Jones, Cleeve, North Somerset

Finally, a reflection of you good people. The last question on the survey asked if an incentive would increase the likelihood of referring Sovereign to friends and family. Faced with either a gift voucher or a donation to charity, 88% said it would make no difference at all.

The fact that 96% are already prepared to without an incentive, means the world to us.

What do our clients have to say?