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Paul Ewins Cert II (MP)

041Paul’s career in Financial Services began in 1997. Since that time he has gained a great deal of experience in both banking and mortgage broking. This experience has allowed Paul to become a specialist in all aspects of lending, including commercial finance, residential and investment mortgages, business funding and development finance. Paul joined Sovereign in early 2013 bringing with him a wealth of funding knowledge.

Outside of all things lending, Paul is a keen footballer and golfer, although his three children do make finding the time to play a little more difficult!

A house – quite possibly the largest purchase you’ll ever make…

Buying a new home, moving or just re-mortgaging

Mortgages are important, they’re very personal and they change people’s lives. Most of us have to have one, and it’s often our biggest expense.

Whatever the economy the mortgage market remains a very competitive market, with lenders offering a whole range of deals and options to try and attract new business.  In the same way that you might change credit cards to get a better rate, it’s possible to move your mortgage from one lender to another, always following that better deal.

To us they’re not simply a set of financial products we sell week in and week out; they are a rapidly changing collection of thousands of options we have to completely master to ensure that all our clients get the very best mortgage deal available for them and their circumstances. But that’s only the half of it; we also work alongside you through every step of the transaction to make sure that the whole process works as quickly and as smoothly as it possibly can.

That’s where the experts at Sovereign Independent Financial Advisers come in. Our job is to understand the market, keeping ahead of the game at all times and making sure that we’re always able to advise our clients of the most suitable and cost effective deals that are just right for them.

Even if you have no plans to move house it’s still worth reviewing your current deal to make sure you’re not spending one penny more than you have to…and if you’re thinking of moving, why not let us help you to see what’s available and what you can afford?


If you are the owner of investment property or already have a property portfolio, one thing’s for certain, the specialist buy to let mortgage you have on your property can be pivotal in the success or failure of your investment. Choose the wrong one and you can find yourself with a mortgage that can end up costing you more than you’ve made.

Why not consult us?  We’ll be happy to give buy-to-let mortgage advice to you, whether you’re a prospective purchaser or an existing landlord looking to grow your property portfolio. And it’s not just advice; our many years experience together with our knowledge of the buy to let scene allows us to offer the most competitive rates in the UK.

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