1. Isn’t financial advice expensive?

We don’t think so as our fee for initial advice starts from just £747 which we think is affordable for most people (you will pay this sort of figure in legal fees to move house). Furthermore, we are quite happy to discuss flexible payment terms including spreading the cost of advice over several months so please don’t be put off speaking to us by concerns you might have about costs.

Also, remember that an initial consultation meeting is always at our expense, you pay nothing to find out whether we can help you or not!


2. We’ve used financial advisers before but found that all they wanted to do was sell us something. Won’t you be just the same?

You can be absolutely confident that we aren’t interested in selling you anything. This is why we charge an initial advice fee because it’s advice that most people are looking for not necessarily a financial product! Your accountant or solicitor doesn’t get paid by selling you something, neither do we. We get paid for giving you unbiased, professional advice!


3. I’ve only got a small investment portfolio you won’t be interested in helping me?

Actually we are interested in helping people from all walks of life so we don’t judge you by how much money you have or haven’t got. Of course we are a commercial organisation and need to charge for our advice, but don’t feel that we won’t be interested in helping you just because you perceive that your portfolio might be too small.


4. How much money can I put into an ISA each year?

For the current tax year (2016/17) the individual allowance is £15,240 which can either be invested in a stocks and shares ISA, a cash ISA or be split between both options.


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